Setting Municipal Fees and Charges

Business License Fees 

Business Licenses ensure employee and public health, safety and welfare by allowing a city to enforce codes and ensure businesses are operating under applicable laws and ordinances.  Business license fees are charged to offset costs associated with regulating businesses in the community.  Most municipalities have multiple categories and rates for licensing businesses.  Lewis Young’s approach to calculating business license fees is derived from careful study of administrative and regulatory costs for all businesses and a determination of disproportionate (such as increased emergency calls) and enhanced services (e.g. signage, snow removal) required by various business classes.  As well, Lewis Young’s method of determining business license fees helps ensure that businesses pay their proportionate share of the city’s costs.

City of North Salt Lake, Utah - Business License Fee Study

Cemetery Fees 

Municipalities and cemetery districts must ensure their plot fees provide unending maintenance.  Lewis Young has helped cities set fees and establish a Perpetual Care Fund to supply the funds necessary to cover operations and maintenance indefinitely. 

Other City Fees 

Some cities have special areas that incur disproportionate services from local government.  An example may include areas at higher elevations than other parts of the city and, thus, incurring additional snow removal and water delivery fees.  Lewis Young has helped municipalities determine fair amounts for these services to ensure other residents do not pay a disproportionate share.

Planning/Develoment (Plats, Permits, Etc.)

Building plan review fees are based upon the valuation of the structure and are payable at the time of plan submittal.  All other review fees (Planning, Engineering, Landscaping, Hazardous Materials, etc.) are based upon the staff time required to review the project.  Lewis Young can help planning departments determine the cost of and specifically tailor fees for the review of blueprints and issuing of permits.