Fiscal Impacts and Feasibility Study

Fiscal Impacts   

Communities are understandably concerned about growth and the impacts of development on their ability to provide services. LYRB is a recognized expert in fiscal impacts and has conducted numerous studies that clearly display the detailed revenues generated by a specific development in comparison to the expenses that would likely be incurred. Relevant projects include:        

Fiscal Impacts of Whisper Ridge, Morgan County, Utah
Fiscal Impacts of West Mountain, Utah County, Utah 
Fiscal Impacts of Anderson Development on Payson, UT 
Peer Review of BEBR Fiscal Impacts of Development at Vineyard (former Geneva Steel Site)

Financial Modeling   

LYRB is a proven expert in financial modeling, and has created models that reflect large-scale development, small-scale development, development of specific projects, town center development, etc. Our models are built so that assumptions can be quickly updated and refined at little cost, as development assumptions change, and so that sensitivity analysis can be easily conducted. Our models allow the user to easily identify all assumptions used and to see the extent of any risks associated with the project. Because we routinely finance projects, our models are built to accurately demonstrate when financing needs will occur, the revenue streams available to meet those needs, and potential funding sources. Similar projects include:

West Lake Financial Model and Finance Plan
Logan City Financial Model EDCUtah and GOED Business Recruitment Financial Modeling

School Districts   

LYRB recently completed a financial feasibility study that resulted in the division of one of the largest school districts in the nation. As part of this and numerous studies completed for other school districts, we have been involved in enrollment projections, capital facility planning, financial feasibility and financing strategies. A sample of school-related projects includes:

Monticello Academy Charter School Demand and Financial Feasibility Analysis
Feasibility of Division of Jordan School District
Feasibility of Creation of School District in West Jordan, Utah
Feasibility of Division of Alpine School District
Feasibility of Creation of School District in South Jordan, Utah