Financial Advisory Services

Lewis Young Robertson & Burningham, Inc. ("LYRB") provides a wide range of financial advisory services related to the funding of capital projects. These services have been developed with the benefit of over seventy years of municipal bond experience garnered by its finance professionals.  To learn more about each service provided, click on the appropriate links.

LYRB's core Financial Advisory Services include:

  1. Financial Advisory (FA) Services

Financial Advisory services include review and analysis of municipal funding options, coordination and implementation of bond issuance, and assistance in the preparation and marketing of municipal bonds.

  2. Bond Structuring & Coordination

LYRB provides extensive quantitative analyses in relation to the structuring of municipal bond financings.

These analyses may include (1) comparison of fixed rate vs. variable rate methods,

  3. Investment & Escrow Management Services

LYRB provides advisory services relative to the investment of municipal bond proceeds, including debt service reserve funds, bond funds, capitalized interest funds, and construction funds. 

  4. Bond Election Services

LYRB provides comprehensive consultation during the process of a municipal referendum for the financing of public infrastructure. 

  5. Federal & State Low-Interest Loans and Grants

LYRB also provides financial advisory services and bond structuring services for municipal projects which are funded through state and federal lending agencies. 

  6. Equipment Lease Financing

LYRB provides financial advisory services in relation  to the structuring, documentation, and financing of all types of municipal equipment leases. 

  7. Online Competitive Bidding

LYRB provides advisory services for the competitive bidding of municipal bonds through several online bidding forums, including Muni Auction, Bloomberg, and Parity systems. 

  8. Arbitrage Compliance Consulting

LYRB provides arbitrage compliance services, consisting of (1) performance of annual arbitrage calculations on all municipal bond funds; (2) compilation and preparation of Arbitrage Reports;

  9. Evaluation of Refunding Opportunities

The finance professionals at LYRB believe they have a responsibility to monitor all debt issued by their clients to ensure competitive pricing in the ever-changing landscape of the capital market. 

  10. Ratings & Credit Enhancement Facilitation

The pricing of debt issued by local governments is greatly influenced by the perception of the local government in the marketplace. 

  11. Private/Public Participation Project Financing

Many local governments desire to shape their community by working with job-producing companies and developers. Additionally, local governments are often approached with public/private partnerships and want to ensure they are making fiscally-sound decisions.

  12. Debt and Financial Policy Development

LYRB understands that nearly every decision a local government makes--from land use planning to capital infrastructure decisions to human resource management--has a direct impact on the finances of that local government.