LYRB has a depth of experience with redevelopment and tax increment financing options, including identifying potential project areas, conducting blight studies, drafting project area plans and budgets, and identifying funding strategies for redevelopment sites. We have worked extensively with taxing entity committees and can provide invaluable assistance in crafting presentations that show the impacts and benefits of redevelopment.

Box Elder County Redevelopment Agency – Proctor and Gamble
Sandy City Redevelopment Advisory Services
REAL Soccer Stadium and 9400 South CDA
St. George City – Ft. Pierce Tax Increment Analysis
Thanksgiving Point EDA Analysis
South Jordan City and Kennecott Land - Commerce Park and South Station CDA Creaation

Economic Development Strategic Plans   

Economic strategic plans are developed on the basis of creating a sustainable and diversified tax base that provides vibrant job growth while increasing tax revenues to fund municipal services and community needs. We have worked closely with state agencies such as EDCUtah and GOED to bring some of the most sought-after companies to Utah and recognize the importance of providing the needed infrastructure and assistance to these types of businesses. Our hands-on approach and implementation of our plans, through providing funding assistance for many of these projects, sets our studies apart from other economic development plans. A sample of projects includes:

Lehi City Economic Development Strategic Plan
Main Street Economic Development Advisor
Springville City Economic Development Advisory Plan Lehi Downtown Revitalization Strategy