Consulting Services

The consultants at Lewis Young Robertson & Burningham have skills in a wide variety of areas. Included below are areas of work in which we specialize. To read more about each area, click on the link provided.

LYRB's core Consulting Services include:

  1.  Planning

We have performed numerous general plans, housing plans, environmental assessment plans, and public facilitation and community surveys. Each project targeted the specific needs of the community which facilitated maximum results.  

  2.  Economics

The consultants have worked with numerous communities to assess many redevelopment issues that they face including RDA's, EDA's, CDA's, and strategic economic development plans.  

  3.  Fiscal Impacts and Feasibility Studies

Our professionals have completed numerous fiscal impact studies which help communities to evaluate development options that will enable them to provide the best service to its community. Our consultants have also completed extensive school district feasibility studies which resulted in the division of one of the nation's largest school districts. 

4.  Real Estate

The professionals at LYRB are known leaders in market analysis studies that reflect the highest and best use of undeveloped property, potential redevelopment property, and infill development.

5.  Financial Planning for Capital Assets

Lewis Young's expertise assists clients through all stages of project planning - beginning with capital facility programs and financial analyses.

  6.  Setting Municipal Fees and Charges

All government provided services come at a cost, and Lewis Young works to determine fees and charges for its clients based on time involvement of staff.

  7.  Impact Fees and User Rates

A healthy utility requires stable and sufficient sources of revenues.  Impact fees are allowed for funding growth related improvements that serve new development in the community, while user rates are assessed to existing development in a community to maintain existing systems serving the current population. Lewis Young has extensive experience in both fields, and is constantly striving to make sure that its methodologies are sound and legally defensible.